Monday, December 21, 2015

An Update, after forever

Hello, non-existent readers.

That's not a slight on you, if you readers are indeed existent. (Or, I don't know, maybe you enjoy existential crises. If so, you might be an English PhD student like me.)

That's right. You read that parenthetical comment correctly: since the last time I updated this blog, I have graduated from undergrad at Cornell, and am now selling my soul to the devil working away at my second year of grad school life in the English PhD program at Emory University. All those hours procrastinating while I was supposed to be studying for the GREs and which were actually spent watching TV and baking have paid off, it would seem (if three hour seminars on literary theory and posthumanism and crime fiction and feminist theory are your kind of thing).

Roasted fingerling potatoes (multi-colored!) & broccoli (curried!), but most importantly: Sarah Manning

Let's cut to the chase though: I am a terrible blogger.

Raspberry muffins: made with this blueberry muffin recipe, substituting raspberries instead
It's true. You can say it. I really am.

The last time I updated was more than two years ago. No goodbye, no apologies... nothing. I just up and went. Can we blame it on the grad school applications? Well, not really, since I didn't take the GREs until the September of that fateful year (2013) and then the Literature Subject GRE in October and then applications in December and January... and then the last year of undergrad.

Ah, those days... the sandwiches from Temple of Zeus I remember fondly; the GREs, not so much.
But then there was a whole summer of doing absolutely. nothing. zero. zilch.

I learned to cook, added more baking recipes to my arsenal, and still. Crickets.

I never touched this blog.

How naive was I back then in the summer of '69 2013, when I thought that I could properly maintain a quality food blog? So so naive.

Fruit-infused vodka (12, 3, 4), and also see: fruit-vodka lychee-juice cocktail.
Grad school has made me slightly less so. (Grad school has also driven me to drink... but seriously, my fruit-infused vodkas are so. damn. good.) So... this is  not a promise that I will update this blog frequently, or even at all. But: I am going to go through comments and reply to the few that you lovely souls have left on my posts, and we'll see where we go from there.

Popovers, perfected!
I can minimally cook now (and even on a grad school stipend!), and I've perfected some of my old recipes (see popovers above and below), so maybe, just maybe, one day I'll find the time and willpower to update once more.

When your popovers are more photogenic than you are.

Until then, here is a link to my Instagram (username: @airplangs), where I mostly post photos of food I eat and occasionally even food that I've cooked. Me! I can cook! (When I'm not being lazy/too stressed out to eat anything other than potato chips and bread.) I've even come up with my own concoctions, like the mini latticed blueberry pies (shown below), roasted potatoes and curried broccoli (pictured above, with the Orphan Black picture because oh god yes, that show gives me LIFE), and other easy/healthy one-person dishes, so hopefully (maybe this winter break! Or more likely, next summer break) I will get my butt back into gear and post some recipes for you!

Mini blueberry pies, made with crescent dough, and accompanied by Oryx and Crake

Ever yours in procrastination,

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